Pool and Spa Services

Keep your pool fresh and be ready for every day this summer.

We are qualified in the essential aspects of operating and maintaining pools with a focus on pool water quality and water treatment.

Initial assessment – of your pool and/or spa and chemical dosing strategy will determine our method and timing of service.
Ongoing maintenance will depend on your bather loading, frequency of use. Pool water quality will be tested and maintained. We use a La Motte Color Q photometer to test Free Chlorine (DPD), Total Chlorine (DPD), Bromine (DPD), pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer)
The pool will be kept clean including; Wall and surrounds washed / scrubbed, vacuuming, leaf removal, pump and filter clean, skimmer clearing, backwash filter, equipment checking.  A log book of pool water test results and operations will be kept.
Winterising programme – off season doesn’t mean the job is done. The pool water and systems will be maintained to prevent algal growth and ensure your pool equipment is in good operating condition.
Qualifications – We are compliant with the New Zealand standard document NZS 5826:2010 /NZQA unit standard 20046 which addresses the essential aspects of the operation and maintenance of pools with a focus on pool water quality criteria including methods of water treatment to ensure the risk to public health is minimised. 

Property Maintenance

Is it broken, come off its hinges? Unsafe, fallen over, something needing attention? Decking or fencing? Demolition, rebuild, time for a spruce up! Local Branch offers light carpentry, bespoke builds, renovation and non-restricted building services.

Call or email us for a No Obligation quote. We’ll pop round, see if we can help, and go from there.

Property Management

Off Island and want to know your property is in safe hands and being looked after? Josie and Zain offer a personal Property Management service – how you like it, when you need it.

Let’s chat about security, cleaning, linen, water, gardens, rubbish bins and mail. We’re the team to do it for you.

Concierge Service

Want to arrive on Waiheke and your holiday home is ready for you?

We can organise your food shopping, beds made with fresh linen, your car waiting for you at the ferry, house cleaned and aired.

You’re welcome to call or email to discuss your needs.

Smoke Alarm Service

Make sure your property and insurance policy are up to date with our comprehensive smoke alarm test assessment, decibel monitored, installation and annual report.

All in accordance with NZ Residential Tenancies and building code requirements.